Headache behind Right Eye

Case of Headache behind Right Eye

A case of headache behind right eye falls in the specific domain of headache behind a single eye. Although the causes of headache behind eyes are somewhat similar in both cases, there are some definite reasons that can lead to a lingering pain and headache behind right eye. In the usual cases, a case of headache behind eyes arises in a single eye only. It is usually related to the malfunction of lens and cornea in the eye, requiring proper vision correction methods to reduce the pressure on the eyes. Other than this simple reason, there are some other reasons that can lead to headache behind right eye.

Reasons of Headache behind One Eye

The reasons of headache behind one eye are somewhat similar to a case of headache behind eyes. While eye problems are known to bring about cases of headache behind eyes on a regular basis, they are generally associated with both the eyes. A case of headache behind one eye can be brought about by ocular migraine. Cases of ocular migraine tend to be persistent, and can last for months. In order to handle them, you would have to estimate the causes behind them and work out a therapy method for them. Apart from ocular migraine, cluster headaches are also responsible for headache behind one eye. A case of cluster headache always brings about the issue of headache behind right eye, or left eye, and can be quite daunting. Tension headache is the name given to headache behind eyes that arise due to stress, pressure and lack of sleep. In order to handle such a condition, you would have to take care of the condition well in time. Once you have determined the specific causes of headache behind right eye, you can take steps to treat the condition.

Treating Headache behind Eyes and Back of Head

For treating headache behind eyes and back of head, you can adopt a simple exercise at home. With your thumbs, you would have to locate the base of your skull and apply some pressure onto it. The pressure should be maintained and should not be too much on either side of the head. If you are experiencing headache behind right eye, you would have to perform the exercise on the right side of head only.

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