Headache behind Eyes

Dull Headache behind Eyes

A case of dull headache behind eyes can be quite troublesome, especially when it is lingering and persistent. Since a case of headache behind eyes can arise due to a variety of reasons, it is essential that you take a look at the main reasons involved. Once you are through with the determination of causes of pain & headache behind eyes, you can think about the treatment of the condition. The most basic reason that is associated with headache behind eyes is the failure of lenses and cornea. These parts of the eye can lead to the development of a headache behind eyes, especially when they are not functioning properly and are being stressed. Apart from that, here are some causes that can lead to headache around eyes.

What Causes Headaches behind the Eyes?

If you are wondering about what causes headaches behind the eyes, you would be surprised to find the plethora of reasons behind this problem. Apart from the main issue mentioned above, headache behind eyes can arise due to some other reasons as well. Stress, lack of sleep, excessive eye strain and pressure are some reasons which can lead to the gradual development of headache behind eyes. Such kind of headache & pain behind eye is dull and persistent. Other than this, certain eye problems can also lead to the issue of headache behind eyes. Ocular migraine is considered to be a major issue that can lead to the development of headache behind eyes. Cluster headaches are also responsible for stabbing pain & headache behind eyes. Such a condition can arise due to some unknown reasons and can wreak havoc on your head. It is essential that the causes of headache behind eyes are determined properly before you think about proper treatment of daily headaches behind eyes.

Tackling Headache behind Eyes

For tackling headache behind eyes, you would first have to evaluate the causes of the problem. Depending upon the causes, different methodologies can be adopted for treating a case of headache & pain behind eyes. Read more »

Pressure behind Eye

Impact of Pressure behind Eye

The impact of pressure behind eye is quite severe and it can lead to lingering headache behind eyes and stress in the region. In order to evaluate this condition, you would have to take care of the stress buildup and pressure in the eyes. Headache & pain behind eyes can arise due to a variety of reasons, and you would have to handle them for recovering from this problem. Read more »